John Denison, weaver, of Ipswich, Mass.

 The Internet has many trees published by the descendants of the Denison weavers of Ipswich.  Many are almost error-free, thanks to the work of Mary K. Talcott.  (See endnotes.)   I am not attempting to post this tree in anything like Register style.  It is being posted for the benefit of the descendants of both Denison families. 

For more information about my sources, please email me.  rootscrazy at sbcglobal dot net.

Descendants of John Denison,

Weaver of Ipswich, Mass. 

Generation No. 1 

1.  JOHN1 DENISON, born at an unknown place and time, died 1683 in Ipswich, Mass.1  He married PRISCILLA, whose maiden name is unknown.  She died 05 February 1691/92 in Ipswich, Mass.2     

Children of JOHN DENISON and PRISCILLA are:

  1. JOHN2 DENISON, d. 12 August 1725, Ipswich, Mass.
  4. PRISCILLA DENISON5, m. (1) THOMAS PERSONS, 09 October 16666; b. c. 1635; d. 10 April 1701, Suffield, Connecticut; m. (2) SAMUEL SMITH, 17 December 1701, Suffield, (Mass.) Conn.
  5. MARY DENISON6, d. 11 July 1658, Ipswich, Essex, Mass.7

Generation No. 2 

2.  JOHN2 DENISON (JOHN1) was born at a place and time unknown8, and died 12 August 1725 in Ipswich, Mass.9 He married (1) RUTH AYER bef. August 1684, daughter of PETER AYER and HANNAH ALLEN.  She was born 30 October 1660, in Haverhill, Mass., (Haverhill, VR,  p. 21), and died 02 February 1694/95 in Ipswich, Mass.  He married (2) ELIZABETH, maiden name unknown, aft. 1695.  She died 15 September 1725 in Ipswich, Mass.10     

Children of JOHN DENISON and RUTH AYER are:

  1. RUTH3 DENISON, b. 09 August 1684, Ipswich, MBC11; d. 15 August 1685, Ipswich, Mass.12
  2. JOHN DENISON, d. 30 July 1688, Ipswich, Mass.13
  3. RUTH DENISON, b. 07 June 1686, Ipswich, Mass.:14 m. JOSEPH KINGSBURY, 5 February 1705/06 at Haverhill (Haverhill VR).
  4. HANNAH DENISON, b. 1689, Ipswich, Essex, Mass.; m. NATHANIEL KINGSBURY, Aft. 02 April 1709, Ipswich, Essex, Mass.15
  5. JOHN DENISON, b. 28 April 1692, Ipswich, Mass.;16 d. 04 May 1761, Ipswich, Mass.17; m. REBECCA WALLIS, Aft. 12 August 1727, Ipswich, Mass.; b. c. 1703; d. 04 May 1752, Ipswich, Mass.18
  6. PRISCILLA DENISON, b. 14 January 1694/95, Ipswich, MBC19; d. 30 January 1694/95, Ipswich, Mass.     

Children of JOHN DENISON and ELIZABETH are:

  1. GEORGE3 DENISON, b. 06 October 1700, Ipswich, Mass.20; d. 06 August 1725, Ipswich, Mass.21
  2. DANIEL DENISON, b. 09 November 1702, Ipswich, Essex, Mass.22 d. Windham, CT. 

The last of the Ipswich weavers was John, husband of Rebecca [Wallis].  This couple died without children, and their Denison relatives either died childless or left Ipswich.



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    Transcription of page 75 of Abraham Hammatt’s Early Ipswich Inhabitants, Massachusetts, 1633-1700, (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1980).  

         There was a John Denison 1, (see his name in List of Tithingmen, page 34,) who died 1683.  He was a weaver by trade, and does not appear to have been related to the General.  He left a widow Priscilla, who died Feb. 15, 1692, and a son, John 2.  He also left daughters, Ruth, Sarah Perkins, Priscilla Persons, wife of Thomas Person, married Oct. 9, 1666; and a grand child, Sary Pritchett, who are mentioned as such in his will.  A daughter Mary had died July 11, 1658.  The following extract from his will tends to show the condition and station in society which he occupied:  “To my son-in-law, John Pritchett, I do forgive all that he oweth me upon my books, excepting 18 shillings and four pounds which I lent him — upon this condition following: that he pay or cause to be paid to his son John and daughter Elisabeth forty shillings a piece in good New England money at their day of mariage.”  “Likewise I give to my son John Denison my houses and land, sheep, horse, hoggs, with the great Braise kettle, biggest iron pot, the table in the new room, the great chest in the parlour, & all my debts and whatever else is my estate which I have not already given out.”  John Denison 1, was a subscriber to Major Denison, 1648, commoner, 1664, voter in town affairs 1679.  He had six acres of marsh next Goodman How, granted Feb. 7, 1647.

         John 2, son of John 1, had a wife named Ruth, who died Feb. 2, 1694, and a second wife named Elizabeth, who survived him, and died Sept. 15, 1725.  He was one of the “young generation,” who joined the church by taking the covenant, Jan. 25, 1673-4.  By his wife Ruth, he had:

                Ruth, born June 7, 1686,

                John, died July 30, 1688

                John, born April 28, 1692; (epitaph 56,)

                Priscilla, Jan 14, 1694, died Jan. 30, 1694.

    John 3, son of John 2, married Rebecca Wallis, Aug. 12, 1727, who died May 5, 1761.  They were childless, but, his wife having predeceased him, he did leave a will naming his sisters and brothers and various other relatives.


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    1. As Genealogist for the Denison Society of Mystic, Connecticut I highly commend this record. It is well researched and reliable.
      Joanne Dennison Langdon, Genealogist, Denison Society, Inc. Mystic, Connecticut

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